Lou "Mystic" Usher
Ly rics -- From "The Roadshow", Released 2001


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Canyon Lands

I'm here in the canyon lands,
Not making any long term plans.
Riding slowly over grassy stands,
Looking for wild horses.

Never counted much on luck,
A worn out saddle and a pick up truck.
Never close when lightening struck,
Looking for wild horses.

Riding fences up and down the line,
Save some money for a wild time.
I guess I've got along just fine,
Looking for wild horses.

The days out here are crystal clear,
The wind the only sound you hear.
The mountains seems so very near,
Looking for wild horses.

Evenin' comes with the stars so bright,
Points of light in the darkest night.
Shapeless shadows in the fire's light,
Looking for wild horses.

Once I had a woman fair,
Graceful curves and flowing hair.
But my time I couldn't share,
Looking for wild horses.

If you ever pass this way,
And you hear some cowboy say
"Life is just a game we play,
Looking for wild horses."

Now when I'm gone and angels sigh,
You'll hear the echo of a lone wolf cry.
You know my spirit is flying high,
Looking for wild horses.

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