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Real Car Blues

Got an old car, it's a wreck
Hit the brakes, almost break you neck
Mash the horn, it' won't blow
Stomp the gas, it won't go.

Four bald tires, no headlights
Law won't let me drive at night
How am i goin' to get to the bar
Cause I ain't got no night-time car.

Wife won't let me out at night
Stay at home, all we do it fight
Fight all day, and fight all night
I'm always wrong, she's always right.

She won't even let me drink
Cause when I do, my brain don't think
In the house, I can't smoke
Cause she says it makes her choke.

One of these days, she'll go too far
I'll get me a real car
One that cranks every time
I'll escape, I'll be just fine.

Down the road, I will fly
In a blaze of glory, ridin' high
Burning rubber, goin' fast
Read taillights, free at last.

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