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Cuervo's Neighborhood

It's a golden honey color, it's got a little bite,
It takes some gettin' used to, so you drink try some every night.
You mix it, and you drink it, till you're feeling really good.
You finally get to like it, you're in Quervo's neighborhood.

It comes in pretty bottles, different shapes and sizes.
The devil must have brewed it, cause the Baptists they despise it.
It burns some when you drink it, if you drink it like you should.
Straight up salt and lime, you're in Quervo's neighborhood.

If you drink a little too much, you just might get in trouble.
If you're goin' down the highway, you're probably seeing double.
It might just make you crazy, you know it really could.
So you best back off a little, you're in Quervo's neighborhood.

It's not for every body, just like it is with life.
But if you find you like it, you might have some tonight,
With ice and salt and lime, it's tastin' pretty good.
Just sit back and enjoy it, you're in Quervo's neighborhood.

They make it down in Mexico, is what I hear em' say.
Some kind of aguave plant, they pick it every day.
I don't know how they brew it, but they do it pretty good.
Them Mexican's are natives, of Quervo's neighborhood.

Ola' como eststow es stu
estroy muoy view, gracias.

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