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My Life

I like to smoke them cigarettes, and drink that cold, cold beer.
It helps me feel real good, and makes my head so clear

I like to drive my car real fast, I like to make it go.
It's got a big ol' V-8, ain't made for going slow.

I don't need no road map, to tell me where I'm goin'.
I don't need no diary, to tell me what I've done.
I don't need no newspaper to tell me about today.
I don't need no doctor, to tell me I'm okay.

Don't need no ATF to confiscate my guns.
Don't need no World War 3 to take away my sons.
Don't need to ticket stub to tell me when I'm in.
Don't need no preacher man to tell me all about sin.

I like to play that guitar, I like to sing them old songs.
You can sit and listen, hell, you can sing along.
You don't have to like it, I don't really care.
Just pack your bag and toothbrush and git on outta here.

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