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Cold as Stone

He was a cowboy, handsome and tall,
Ropin' and ridin', the best of them all

She was a lady, pretty and fair
With eyes clear as mornin' and long auburn hair
She was there...

They loved one another, they walked arm in arm
She'd care for him always, he'd keep her from harm

The years went by quickly, as we know they can
She was his women, he was her man
They had it all planned

But time is a traveler, and sometimes you fall
What once was forever, now ain't there at all

You drift apart slowly, and then you are gone
Like smoke from a fire, like stars after dawn
You're just gone

Now he's still a cowboy , along way from home
He's older and wiser, and out on his own

And she's still lady, and now she's alone
She's harder and stronger, with a heart cold as stone
She's alone
and he's gone

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