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Verse 1
Down in the "Glades" where the "gators" grow
Lives an old maid, black as coal.
She'll mix up a potion, she'll steal your soul
You'll never leave the "Glades" you'll never grow old.

Verse 2
Down in the "bayou" lives a mojo man
He can throw them bones, he can write with sand
And if you got the time he can read your hand
Or give a root, or sell you a plan.

Verse 3
Up in the hills of Tennessee,
Lives an old women, a Cherokee
Goes by the name "old Ladee"
For a little bit of trade, she'll see what she can see.

Verse 4
Up in Carolina are the brown mountain lights
See em' dancin' in the hills, many a night
Some say it's ghosts, some say it gas
Some say if they touch you, you'll breath your last.

Verse 5
We've heard these legends all our lives
Some are part true, some are all lies
The campfires burning', the tales are all told
The stars are all shinin', the night is growin' cold.

Goodnight... goodnight... goodnight... sleep tight.

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