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The Roadshow

Verse 1
I've got my show, out on the road
Singin' my stories, I've lived and wrote
I've played for drinks and tips and meals
And fallen asleep, to the hum of my wheels

Packin' my gear, I'll follow the sun
The last Raodshow, has come and gone
Movin' along down Highway 1
The next Roadshow has already begun.

Verse 2
I travel light... with a few guitars
Playin' downtown clubs, and back road bars
I cover songs, some new, some old
When the music's over, I'm back on the road

Verse 3
It's a nighttime life, both good an bad
I can make you happy, I can make you sad.
When the show is over and the lights go down
I'm back on the road, to another town.

Chorus Repeated

Verse 4
This travelin' life fits like a glove
The crowd and the cheers, that's what I love
And when I'm gone, you'll sit and smile,
Because You'll know, I shared my soul awhile.

Chorus Repeated

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