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Mystic Roadshow

Lou MYSTIC UsherAs a 14-year-old boy, Lou Usher sold Christmas cards door-to-door to earn the money to buy his first guitar, a Harmony F-hole. That's where it all began. Having spent more than 40 years playing on his own or with others from the west to the east coasts, Lou Usher has found a foot-tapping way to put those experiences into words and music at both solo and band performances.

Lou's earliest public performances were in Flagstaff and Jerome, Arizona in 1965 where he developed his intricate finger-picking guitar playing style. Years of playing at parties, coffee houses, county jails, churches, clubs and festivals have honed his talents and abilities, In 1994, Lou began performing under various stage names with Scott Jones. In 1999, Lou formed the "Mystic Roadshow" with a plan to raise acoustic-electric entertainment to a new level. Joined by Al Davis, mandolin player for the Cast Iron Skillet for more than 15 years, the final thread was added making the listening experience of the Mystic Roadshow one well remembered and enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

The 4th of July 2001 was the official date of release for Lou "Mystic" Usher's first CD, "The Roadshow," featuring 15 full-length original songs. Visit iTunes to hear a sampling of songs.

Lou is currently performing at the Blue Heron in Clemson, and at Islander and Twisted Spoke in Pendleton, South Carolina.

When performing his original music in solo performances, he is billed as "Lou 'Mystic' Usher" or as the "Mystic Roadshow." Be assured, the same strong vocals, driving rhythm guitar, intricate finger-picking, occasional harmonica riffs are the standard at any performance.